How to Join an NPHC Organization:

Each NPHC fraternity and sorority brings in new members at various times of the year through a process called Membership Intake. All organizations governed by the National Pan- Hellenic Council have different requirements for membership. These organizations are permitted to conduct intake based on the chapters schedule and/ or their need for growth. Some organizations conduct intake each semester; others only do so once a year. When organizations are planning to conduct Membership Intake, many of them will host an interest meeting in which the criteria for membership is explained. These are usually publicized via flyers on campus and on chapters social media pages.

NPHC hosts an information session about its organizations, requirements, and expectations of membership at the beginning of each semester. This event is called “NPHC Orientation” and is held in the fall and spring semesters. 

IN THE Palmetto BallRoom



  • Academics - Clemson Fraternity and Sorority Life requires a 2.7 Clemson GPA to seek membership in an NPHC Fraternity or Sorority. All NPHC organizations also require a certain amount of credit hours prior to joining varying from 12 - 24 credit hours as determined by each organization.

  • NPHC Orientation - NPHC Orientation is mandatory for students who wish to pursue membership in any of the NPHC Greek organizations. The council will host NPHC Orientation during the first few weeks of both the fall and spring semesters. Students who are considering participating in an intake process must attend NPHC Orientation once in their collegiate career before attending any interest meeting.

    • Please note, if you attended NPHC Orientation in the Spring 2018 semester, you are not required to attend for the Fall 2018 semester to be eligible for membership.

  • Individual Organization Requirements - Each NPHC organization is able to set their own requirements for membership. These expectations of joining can vary for each organization but may include proof of commitment to involvement and service, letters of support, etc. Organizations will provide more information about requirements for joining at their informational/interest meetings.


Things You Can Do to Show your Interest:

  • Attend NPHC events.

  • Attend chapter programs and events.

  • Attend an interest or informational meeting for the chapter(s) in which you are interested.

  • Get to know members of the organization at every opportunity.

  • Research information on the internet about the group(s) in which you are interested.

  • Research the membership requirements for the organization that you are interested in.

  • Show your own involvement on campus and in the community (i.e., get involved in clubs, community service, etc.).

  • Make sure you attend NPHC Orientation before you attend an interest meeting.